Trojan Hunt is an information security solution for communications and cellular phones. The mobile security solution detects malware programs such as viruses, spyware, worms, root kits, Trojan horses and others prevailing in mobile phones, thereby allowing you to access mobile information and applications safely and confidentially.

Trojan Hunt provides information security by tracking necessitating access and privileges that may alert malicious activity or the risk of exposing confidential information, and follow up after any suspicious and hacking attempts. Also, the mobile security solution offers a remote testing service which allows you to continuously operate the mobile phone without any interruption.

Mobile phones generally are infected due to unaware activities, such as downloading and opening files from unknown websites, and anonymous or spam emails, installing unsafe applications, and many more. The mobile risks that you are exposed to are directly proportional to the way you use the device. The level of mobile security needed varies from device to device. Therefore, we evaluate each profile identically and deliver the best mobile security solution for respective instance.

We are aware that the attack can occur at any instance. Hence, our mobile security solution instantly identifies and mitigates malware before it runs on the mobile device, avoids back doors for intrusion, and blocks illegitimate access to mobile data. Trojan Hunt is one of the world�s best applications for mobile data security, detection of Trojans and to lead safe and secured mobile life!