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Cloud Forensic Technologies Software Application Development, from initial case analysis to post-implementation support. Using the best technologies and practices, we ensure high quality custom business applications.

Software Application Development requires highly innovative teams that develop products to convert business goals to reality. Software Development stresses the need to understand customers� vision for a product, analyzes market scenario, and then provides the best technological solution to achieve business goals. 

Our Product teams work as an extension of our customers� team, thus making our own success dependent on the customers� success. 

We also understand that product development is an entirely different ball game than application development. That is why our product development teams stay with our customers longer, are ready to take on market changes, end-user reactions, and technological advancements in their stride.

We offer the following services to our customers, We have extensive expertise in providing these services in Microsoft .Net & Java based Technologies.

  • Web/Windows Development

  • Custom Application Development

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Application Maintenance

  • Health Care Application

  • MLM Application

  • ERP/CRM Application


What can we do for Smart phone?

We develop apps for all the major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian etc. We not only understand the process very well but we also have a solid infrastructure in place. This allows us to develop several simultaneous apps on different platforms and gives our clients faster market capability.
Since we had the early bird advantage in custom app development, it enabled us to learn the app marketing strategy and how to position your app into the marketplace for better ranking and more downloads. 

Mobile App Development is what we do best:

Mobile Application Development, unlike Web Development, is a unique blend of Highly Sophisticated graphics, light-weight database and optimized form of server side data exchange to utilize the limited bandwidth to the fullest.

Whatever the mobile platform, our Mobile Programming team will give you the outstanding quality and workmanship that you as our valued client should come to expect.

Following are the Mobile Development Platforms we Support:

  • iPhone App Development

  • iPad App Development

  • Android App Development

  • Blackberry App Development

  • Windows Mobile App Development

  • Symbian Mobile App Developement

    Some of our key areas of app development include.

GPS Enable App.

Among the several rich features available in Smartphone today, one of the key features is GPS enabled Geo-Location. Now what is Geo-Location you may ask? Geo-location simply put is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an internet-connected device. In other words, with your Smartphone you can locate your current latitude and longitude through internet anywhere in the world. This feature of a smartphone opens up a wide range of possibilities for 3rd party apps. Social networking, weather, travel, navigation are just a few example of the hundreds of practical applications of GPS based device. We can, not only determine the location of the user but also plot it on maps, share it with friends, get directions, and many more such uses.

Social Networking App.

Social Networking and Smartphone are increasingly becoming tightly coupled and most new phones are now pre-packaged with social networking integration. With multi-touch screen, GPS functionality and feature rich app development kit, Smartphone are ideal devices for Social Networking Apps. In fact the social networking category is one of the most popular and downloaded categories of the App Stores. 

Messaging App.

One of the most fundamental features of any phone (Smartphone or not) is messaging. With the advent of Smartphone messaging became more prevalent and the simple text messaging has now been extended to high end multimedia messaging. Today most Smartphone support all formats of messaging ranging from text, images, audios and videos. While almost all Smartphone do provide messaging as a built in feature, the carrier charges to send and receive messages are very high. 

Camera Enable App.

Just as messaging is a fundamental feature of any phone, cameras today are almost a necessity with Smartphone. Having a camera makes Smartphone true multimedia devices, enabling you to capture pictures and videos. With the camera resolution on Smartphone approaching 10 megapixels, having a camera enabled app gives you a wide array of multimedia rich features. With camera enabled apps, you can store images/videos locally or remotely, share it with your friends, time and date stamp it, geo-tag it, etc. 

Native App.

Custom native applications today hold one of the largest shares in the App store. Custom Native applications by definition are applications that are natively designed and developed specifically on the respective Mobile OS platform. All the data and computations required for the app is available natively and no server communication is required. Smartphone being mobile devices, exchange of data is relied on the bandwidth provided by the corresponding carrier. Most applications developed under this group include gaming apps, utility apps, e-books apps, reference apps, etc

Server Side App.

Server side applications rely heavily on communicating and exchanging data with a server. While it is true that mobile connectivity can sometimes be unreliable, the fact that smartphones are mobile allows us to develop some remarkable apps that utilize this mobile connectivity and allows the user to share and receive most up to date information. Some of the app categories belonging to this group include, navigation apps, social networking apps, messaging apps, financial apps, etc.

Gaming App.

Gaming apps are downloaded more than any other category of apps. This accounts for millions of dollars in revenue for the most successful gaming apps. Even the lesser successful gaming apps are capable of generating significant revenue from downloads or from advertising. 

Mobile Website App.

Although, not as popular as native applications, mobile websites are a good way to extend your already existing presence on web, to a mobile platform. With the advent of smartphones, browsing the internet on a mobile phone has become a commonplace.

Enterprise App.

Enterprise apps are apps used in organizations such as corporations or government as opposed to Apps developed for individuals. The distribution of these apps is not done through the conventional Appstore/Marketplace and its usage is limited to only authorized users of the organization.

Services provided by enterprise Apps are typically business-oriented tools such as online payment processing, interactive product catalogue, automated billing systems, security, content management, IT service management, customer relationship management, resource planning, business intelligence, HR management, manufacturing, application integration, and forms automation.

M-Commerce App.

M-Commerce is E-commerce on the mobile platform.

With mobile phones eclipsing PC sales with a wide margin, it is essential to today�s on-line retailer to have the ability to transact business via mobile handsets. Not having a retail presence in this space will give you a serious disadvantage to your savvy competitors.

We�ll display the items for sale, photos, price, and description. You can have complete creative freedom on how to display your data.


WHAT OUR COMPANY TALKS? (We give your small business a big look. Fast��.!)

It is said that �Eyes speak much than our words� which gives a very improvising statement. Eyes can quickly grab out good colors and combinations. And these colors if used in advertisements increases the organisation�s marginal cost.

Advertisements yields better results for a company�s assignment. So, we simply add colors to your wings and enhance your creativity. We place your value at the greater heights and serves you with the best material. We have already grabbed a greater market at some of our customers chart by providing them with more colourful designs and still are on the verge to make your dreams come true�..!!

CFTS is also a web development company that empowers your business online. From ideation to execution, we design, promote and host your web requirements and entities at affordable costs. With over ten years of experience in designing, we have been instrumental in getting our clients to the forefront of the online space.


Our website designs have garnered praise for their blend of form and function, while eliciting testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals. We have designed, promoted and provided consultancy services to various organisations and their verticals across India and the world.

Every creative website design is created using a strong ideology and huge imagination process that helps bring visual appeal. We never use templates and maintain a fresh approach to all new endeavours. Being a website company we not only focus on web making but, also endeavouring a stronger relation with our worldwide clients. 

We always add a good and creative tagline for a company�s portfolio. It is said that �Success of any organisation depends not only on the company�s root but, also on the other nodes that contribute equally for the upliftment �.As a client, you will be informed of each and every status of the design project, right from mock layouts to test pages till the end product. You will know exactly how the output will look and function right through the creation process.

Our Services

  • Website Designing, Development & SEO

  • Corporate Website Website Maintenance

  • SEO, Paid Submission Payment Gateway

  • E-Commerce (B2B & B2C) Media Planning & Advertising

  • Flash Website Design Email Marketing

  • Social Media Optimization 

  • Website Hosting 

  • Domain Name Registration

  • Server Space Registration

  • Email Packages

  • Database

  • Graphic Designing & Presentations 

  • Logo Design

  • Brochures Design

  • Company Presentations in Flash (CD Presentation)

  • Flash Intros

  • Content Writing & Copyrighting 

  • Web Content Writing SEO Content Writing

  • Website Copyrighting Blog Writing

  • Newsletter Writing Press Release Writing

  • Technical Writing Article Rewriting