​Cfts Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is an intelligence gathering system that offers end to end services (both hardware and software services) to mine immense data from publicly accessible web sources such as social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, etc.), blogs, folksonomies, forums, news publications, wikis, chat rooms, and others. The gathered information is analyzed, exploited and disseminated by automatic analysis and manual processing to address a specific intelligence requirement of the client.
Cfts OSINT is very useful for private organizations to understand certain open source business intelligence of their company such as consumers' product awareness, customer preferences, tracking public opinions, service quality, measuring customer satisfaction, and many more.

On the other part, public sector or government bodies, especially law-enforcement agencies and police department can utilize OSINT techniques to enhance their investigative abilities and response to criminal threats. Moreover, all the recorded information can help decrease research time, recognize new sources, construct timelines, chart networks, execute link analysis, and more.

Our OSINT techniques are also useful as information security defense solutions. Intelligence gathered might discover the confidential information that may be exposing out of your organization which will alert you before hackers utilize it to launch any malicious attack against your organization.