unidirectional network

Confidential information is the major asset of any organization. High security levels might hamper your productivity. On the other part, a loosening security system for a more efficient workflow means putting your confidential information in danger.

Cfts Data Diode security solution is the answer to this dilemma. It delivers the highest certified level of security and restricts illegitimate or unauthorized access to your critical business assets, while easing free flow of data. Cfts Data Diode security solution delivers one-way or unidirectional network communications, letting safe data (including file transfers, email attachments, video streaming, etc.) transfer from one domain to another through the safest process, offering unparalleled assurance, while giving no channel for information to travel back.

Our unidirectional security gateway enables you to eliminate return paths and back channels. Some of the key features of Cfts Data Diode security solution are listed below:

Robust against single point of failure, such as diode, server, network switch failure, or network site failure, etc.
Mitigate malware threats.
Can be automatically operated (no human interference from the client side is needed).
Negligible downtime and data backup: All the sensitive information that is transferred through Data Diode is backed up at regular intervals across both diode links to avoid data loss.
Upholds the information security and unidirectional feature of a single Interactive Link system.
Can track and monitor complete system status and health through SNMP traps.